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Stylish Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holders

Light Blue
Dark Blue
Tired of plastic towel holders that constantly break?  Sick of cheap holders that just look dirty and lousy? Solve it once and for all, and add some cool to your garage.
  • Tread-Ware wall mounted paper towel holders are strong, simple, and good-looking!
  • Built to last, our wall mounted paper towel holders are the solution to cheap and ugly. 
  • The base is made from aluminum diamond plate and is available in polished or textured black.
  • Rods are available in a variety of colors.
Dimensions: 14.5" long x 5.75" high x 4" wide

Weight: 2lb

Our Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holders are not pre-drilled. Mounting holes can easily be made with standard steel drill bits. That way, you can anchor them in the best location for your particular wall or post.