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ATV Ramp Reviews

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"After buying another brand and them failing on the first use I messaged LongRamps.com.  The owner sent me his personal cell number to call. We had a long conversation and he assured me his product will do the job. I got my money back from the other  company after a week long fight and ordered my LongRamps.com.  They arrived within a week. Very good quality and heavy duty."

Jeremy from Florida

"Rate them at a 20!! Every time someone sees me use them they comment on the quality of them. One more thing I want to add. SAFETY!  I don't care who you are, whether it's your first time driving whatever it is into the bed of your truck can make you nervous. But with your product it gives you the confidence of performing your task at hand."

Kenny from Virginia

"Very pleased with the long ramps purchased, I rate them a 10 because of safety factor loading my atv."

Randy from Louisiana

“I received my ramps yesterday. On a rating of 1 to 10 from placing the order to delivery, this would be a 10. I have been welding all my working life, and I would rate the ramps (on a scale 1 to 10) as 10. The design and construction are first rate. I chose the golf cart 9.5-ft. because the rungs are closer together which makes for a smoother loading. I would definitely suggest these ramps to anyone. If I ever need any more ramps, these would definitely be the ones I would purchase.”

James from North Carolina

“If you can pass the message along, I absolutely love my ramps. I've only used them twice, but love them! I was a bit worried about using ramps to load my ATV into my new truck because I previously used my friends wooden ones and was very uncomfortable, but my ATV walked right up and down these ramps with no problems at all, and the 3" sides give me that peace of mind that I won't be taking a spill before/after the ride. Thanks again for a great product made right here in PA.”

Michael from Pennsylvania

“The ramps are GREAT. No comparison to any of the competitors' ramps we looked at. They are well built, sturdy, long enough for application (a stock 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4), and designed by someone who has used ramps in the past. WELL worth extra cost.”

Chuck from South Carolina

“We couldn't be happier with the quality construction, ease of use, portability and more importantly the feeling of safety while loading/off-loading the golf cart. Also, Mike who handled my customer service inquiries provided excellent customer service. We used the ramps once so far for test run. No problems, easy to drive up and down, ramps didn't kick out (also secured each ramp to truck with straps). My brother who helped us with the test run was surprised about how good these ramps are compared to many other brands that he's used. I will tell anyone that needs ramps to get them from LongRamps.com.”

Vilma & Luis from Virginia

“Couldn't be more pleased with my new ramps. They are well made (in America), well welded, of substantial heavy gauge aluminum and are more than double capable of the weight of my ATV. Most important, I can load and unload ANYWHERE from my lifted truck without the fear of a nasty accident.
Thanks for the peace of mind.”

Jim from Idaho

“I recently purchased ramps from you, and I must say those are the best ramps I have ever seen. You thought about safety and durability in the design. I only wish I was stationed back home because I would love to be a dealer for you...Thanks so much; the ramps are awesome and I will be sharing my find with everyone who asks about them.”

Doug from Oregon

“Placed my order a week ago today. In that period of time, I changed my order, you revised the order, had them delivered, and I was able to use them for the weekend! Fantastic service! I have nothing but praise for the quality of your staff and product. I feel safe and secure when using these ramps. You truly have to see the ramps to appreciate the quality.”

Chip from Florida

“I couldn't be more pleased. A big man like me simply needs a stout set of American-made ramps. I don't use them everyday, but when I need them, it's nice to have 'the best.' Keep up the good work.”

Todd from Montana

“AMAZING product! I should have ordered them as soon as I became owner of my truck (FORD F350 6" lift, 38" tires). It would have saved me & my truck, as I did fall while attempting to load my atv up onto my trucks bed. It was, me to floor, atv on top of me from the top, yes it did hurt, no injuries THANK GOD (except for tailgate destruction)! The ramps I was using just DID NOT CUT IT! Craftsmanship, quality, length of LONGRAMPS is SUPERB! Thank you, LIFESAVERS.

Francisco from Florida

“Work great. I use them to put my RZR on my Jumping Jack trailer. Very nice incline, safe, easy, perfect.

Pat from California

“I like them a lot. The fit and finish are perfect. I have a Chevy 2500 extra cab and a Suzuki LTZ400 quad. These ramps make loading and unloading a breeze and still fit in the bed while driving. When we are riding they fold up and go in the rear seat for security. Good product at a reasonable price.

Richard from Florida

“Just what I needed.”

Mike from Pennsylvania

“They work very well. Well worth the extra cost for the quality.”

Michael from Minnesota

“We love, love, love the ramps. They did the job it needed to get done to get our golf cart on the truck. Very stong, reliable, AND afforable. Thanks for being there for us.

Bill from Virginia

“Not to overstate it, but Long Ramps is the best (and wisest) money I've spent in a long time on hunting equipment. I spoke with one of your reps at the Deer Expo in Birmingham, AL back in July and should have bought a set then and walked out and never purchased them. I have been loading my four-wheeler for about 7 years on a set of 6 foot ramps (onto a Ford F-150..... not smart) and the ramps gave way last day of deer season last year - leaving me on my back with my Honda Rancher laying on top of me. No injuries - but I have a wife and four year old twins that really need and want me to come home safe from each trip - so this year I spend money on the best ramps I could find and on a Hunter Safety System vest. The extra two minutes it takes to ratchet these ramps to my truck are worth it......the ramps are simple, secure and safe”

Chris from Alabama

“I think they are the best ever to use.”

Wayne from Newfoundland

“We have just come back from a trip where we needed to take our golf cart and use the ramps we purchased. They are everything we hoped they would be....easy to use, lightweight and a safe way to load our cart. We are extremely happy with the quality of our new ramps...Thanks again.”

Stan & Sue from New York

“I purchased a set of 8' Long Ramps. I used the ramps several times and am extremely pleased with them. I do not know why more companies do not provide models with the 3" sidewalls. The 15" width is perfect for full size ATVs like mine which have 12"-wide tires. I will definitely be recommending your ramps to fellow ATVers.”

Mike from Nova Scotia

“The ramps are awesome. Worth every penny.”

Aaron from Nova Scotia

“My husband loves them. They surpassed his expectations. He went on an ATV trip with his friends and everyone was impressed and used them.”

Jo Ann from California

“Thanks again for the all the help and superb service your company has given us. The ramps are awesome.”

Jeff from Total Safety US, Inc.

“About two months ago I purchased a set of Long ATV Ramps from your company. I purchased the 11-foot ramps and I just love them. They are by far the best ramps on the market. I am so glad that I bought the 11-foot ramps. They are perfect. I use them for my pickup truck and a rack body style truck. I could not be more happy about my purchase.”

Jim from New Jersey

“We love these ramps. They're so safe. They're great! Will tell friends about them. Kids with big trucks need big ramps. My son loads 4-wheelers on a truck with 6" lifts

these ramps are so safe I really feel safe letting him load now..”

Rickey from Louisiana

They are perfect. It is good to see companies like LongRamps.com still exist: American-made with pride and quality materials, good customer service and fast shipping.

Rick from Nevada

“These ramps work great! The ramps make it very easy to load my ATV onto my lifted 4x4 truck. The lift size on the truck is about 6 inches. You made a good product.”

Alberto from California

“The Long Ramps are exactly what I was looking for. I have a 4" lift on my one ton Silverado and they work better than I could have anticipated. One added feature that I didn't expect was that not only do they fold up, but when they are folded, they also fit inside one another as well, leaving more room for other necessities as well. Being a welder myself, I can truly appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that went into my Long Ramps! MADE IN AMERICA WITH PRIDE! Well done.”

Clint from Nevada

“I love them. They work great for my 4-wheeler. Best ramps I have seen.”

Linton from Ohio

“The ramps have worked very well...a pic is worth a 1000 words.”

Ron from British Columbia

“They are exactly as described and are of the highest quality, using grade-8 fasteners with locking nuts. The 9.5' length is perfect for a full size 4x4 pickup, and the ramps are easy to stow when folded. Set up is simple and very secure, and will handle and large ATV or UTV. Excellent Product.”

Curtis from Arizona

“Tres satisfait de mes rampes ; aucun produit d'autre marque arrive à la cheville des vôtres!!!. [ Very satisifed with my ramps; no other brand comes close to yours!!!!]

Dan from Quebec

“The Long Ramps I got are 9'6" and I have used them several times already. They are very sturdy and I feel confident using them. I have an F-350 and my last set of ramps were very steep; I never felt safe using them. When I bought these I wondered how was going to put them in the back of my truck with my 4-wheeler, but it was no problem: They fit across the bed of my truck so I store them in front of my 4-wheeler.

Dan from New Hampshire

“They are working great! Very sturdy and sound. Thank you.”

Tom from Arizona

“Your 11-ft folding ramps are just great. They are very sturdy. I have already recommended them to several other people.

Ron from Arizona

“They are excellent!! I would refer them to anyone needing ramps.

Dean from Colorado

“I have been loading and unloading ATVs into and out of the back of my pickup for years. These ramps make it much safer. I was using a set of ramps that are inferior to yours, and I flipped the ATV over backwards. That's when I went online and bought your product. I've been involved in the welding and steel fabrication business for many years and can honestly say after using several inferior ramp sets over the years that the workmanship on these ramps is far superior to anything I have used before.”

Daniel from North Dakota

“After having a different ramp set fail as I was loading my ATV, it was time to step up to a dependable, safe, stable ramp that did not have a steep angle. I could not be more pleased with my purchase.

Dale from New York

I purchased the ramps for my husband as a Christmas gift. We recently purchased a new pickup which was much higher from the ground than our old pickup. We chose to have an 8' foot bed as well so that we could load our 4-wheeler directly into the pickup bed rather than haul it on a trailer. I have to tell you that after 17 years of purchasing Christmas gifts for him I had never seen him react the way he did when he saw what he got this year. Like a kid in a candy store.

We did receive the ramps in time for Santa to put them under the tree. Okay, I didn't actually put them under the tree. I laid them across the living room floor. But you get the idea. The delivery was prompt and exceeded my expectation especially since I ordered them so late in December.

He used the ramps for the first time a week after Christmas and he absolutely loves them! He said it was so much easier loading the 4-wheeler. He feels more in control and much safer now. He was a little concerned about the 7" gap between rungs, but has since changed his mind and thinks it helps with the ease of loading/unloading. He has bragged to everyone about the ramps so I'm sure he would be happy to pass a coupon code on to his friends and co-workers. In fact, his hunting buddy was quite jealous of our LongRamps.

Gone are the days of watching him back the truck to the ditch and ride the 4-wheeler into it. It always gave me a laugh so I will miss that. But now I don't have to worry about his safety when trying to unload/load someplace that doesn't have a steep enough incline for the vehicle to safely unload the 4-wheeler. Believe it or not using an incline was so much safer than using the shorter ramps that he had used with our shorter truck.

My thanks to LongRamps! You made my husband's Christmas his best ever as well as made the maneuvering of his 4-wheeler so much easier and much, much safer.

Kelly from Texas

“I love them.

Daniel from Louisiana

“I've been using them for ATV Safety Training for all of our Law Enforcement Rangers. Everyone loves them. I think you'll have orders from many of our rangers for professional and personal use.

“The more I use the ramps the more I like them. They are easy to set up and take down, fits right under the UTV when folded and very well constructed. MADE IN USA and highly recommend these ramps to anyone.

Pat from Arizona

“They work awesome. I love 'em!!!!!!!!! They are very, very, very, well built.”

Mike from Missouri

“The ramps work great. We have used them to load Kawasaki 2510 4x4 mules and Kubota RTV 900 4x4 UTVs. Thanks for the speedy service.”

“My husband absolutely LOVES them! He said they are the nicest ramps he's ever seen....Thanks so much.

Alexis from Alberta

“I was just telling my wife this morning that I need to do a review on the Long Ramps. I absolutely LOVE them! We were at a WORCS race over the weekend and I loaded and unloaded the RZR at least eight times over the weekend, as we stayed at a friend's ranch overnight and unloaded and loaded there as well. It's really funny to see people watching me and expecting disaster. I've even had people applaud after they see how easy it is! Excellent product.

Gary from California

“The ramps have been great! I just bought the new Can Am Commander, and the LongRamps have made it very easy to load into the back of my truck. I will get plenty of use out of them, believe me. I will be letting everyone I know about them.

Tom from California

“I am very fond of the ramps. I've used them a few times since their purchase and they make loading my quad effortless. Thanks for making such a great product and I will definitely refer to you my friends.

Tom from New Jersey

“They were all I expected them to be and since have recommended your company.”

Doug from Michigan

“I should've ordered these when I got my first ATV. It's hard to tell how well something is built until you see it and touch it. When they got here I was very satisfied.”

Dave from Colorado

“I've only used your ramps a couple of times, and let me tell you: They feel much more secure than what I've was using before. Quality welds and perfect alignement when folded are just what I needed. Well-made set of ramps.”

Yves from New Brunswick

“The ramps are working out very well. They tuck under my UTV when I am hauling it in my truck. After two back surgeries I am very happy they are as light as they are.”

Mark from Michigan

“I ride around a lot of other ATVers here in WA and have received LOTS of questions about the ramps. Also, all the guys I ride with have started leaving their ramps at home 'accidentally' so they can use my ramps. Now that I've been using your Long Ramps, I've sold my other ramps and haven't looked back.

Edward from Washington

“Finer than frog hair shaved down the side.”

John from Virginia

“Just had a chance to use my new 9.5' long ramps. I am very happy with my purchase. First time out I had a guy stop and ask me where I got them. Don't be suprised if he orders a set. He told me his short ones caused his 4 wheeler to go over backwards on him a few days earlier. Would/have recommend them to everyone.”

Mike from Idaho

“The ramps are excellent! I had my ATV in for service and went to pick it up on Wednesday...this is a busy, large bike shop, with lots of customers. I backed into their loading driveway, hooked up my ramps and ten people came over admiring the ramps and asking lots of questions! A couple of the older fellas who came to look said they were the best ramps they had ever seen! I am going to chain and lock them to my truck while I'm away hunting and fishing, as they seem to attract a lot of attention! Very heavy duty! Thanks again for your good service.”

Robert from British Columbia

“The ramps are great. I feel very safe loading into my truck.”

Michael from Kentucky

“Went 4-wheeling yesterday and the ramps were the topic of the parking lot. Safest I ever felt loading up.

Steve from Wisconsin

“Well-built, good load capacity and the extra length allows me to get my tractor with plow & my tractor with belly mower into my '08 F-150 4x4 without bottoming out.”

Tad from Missouri

“These are great ramps. I've been using ramps since 1987, many days loading and unloading at least five times a day. They're made in the United States, they're made well...I've been completely happy with them so far.”

Neal from Montana

“Love the ramps. I am using them to load a lifted golf cart onto my Semi truck I use to pull my fifth wheel camper. Be glad to refer you, I get lots of attention with my custom golfcart and customized semi truck.”

Charlie from Maryland

“The ramps are great!!! I will let people know about them. Thanks for a great product!!.

Bob from Ohio

“I love them. And the customer service is great also.

James from Oregon

“I had shopped locally for a long time for something longer that the 6 ft ramps most all places have available. I ended up buying a 6 ft trifold, which I was very uncomfortable with. I decided to look on the internet for longer ramps the day after the 6 ft trifold kicked out from under me while loading my atv. The 8.5 ft ramps I bought are the perfect length for my truck and when folded they store across the front of the bed in front of my atv. Also, being retired, safety is more a concern for me now. Thanks for making an excellent product.

Steve from Idaho

“Love the ramps..I use them to load my Yamaha Rhino into the bed of my truck. They are light weight, strong, and easy to handle. They slide nicely under the Rhino once its all loaded.

James from Washington

“They're nothing short of awesome. I've parked my old heavy metal ones and used yours lots. Very well built, light,and fit great under converted snow mobile deck. Had lots off people ask how I get the quads up there. Told them where I got them from so you're gettin lots of raves for them. Thanx again for a great product. And service was awesome. We're loadin dual quads across the deck and it's working great, even on long hauls.

Lyall from British Columbia

“I'm glad I bought them; they make loading my ATV up into my extra high truck bed a lot easier. Because they are too large to fit under my ATV, I put a false deck in the bed of my Tundra to store them in transit and hide them when I'm out and about.

Ernest from Virginia

“I actually love the ramps; well engineered, too. Keep up the great work.”

Dave from Michigan

“Love the ramps..I use them to load my Yamaha Rhino into the bed of my truck. They are light weight, strong, and easy to handle. They slide nicely under the Rhino once its all loaded.

James from Washington

“They work great no problems ...I have been trying to sell your company to everyone who asks about them when I'm loading...thanks again for the ramps and the customer service ....aces brother.

David from Wyoming

“The ramps have been great. They make getting my ATV in my truck much easier.

Chris from Arkansas

“I can tell that these ramps will outlast me! Well built, solid and have found numerous uses for them.

Dave from Montana

“Fantastic! Well made and stable. Excellent product! Thanks.

Chris from Texas

“The length makes loading into my lifted truck safe and easy.

Steve from Alberta

“They are great and more than I expected. The loading of my quad especially with the plow attached makes it easy and the unloading where I used to hit the dirt with the plow is no longer..thanks again...

James from British Columbia

“They work great! They were exactly what I had been looking for and will recommend them to anybody that asks. Very pleased.”

Pat from California

“Overall these ramps are the best ramps going. It was a positive experience and the quality is unsurpassed. Thanks so much.”

Pat from Arizona

“Really liked how the ramps worked. Made very well and will recommend them to my friends. Thanks for a great product.”

Scott from New York

“These ramps are awesome! the angle for loading/unloading is perfect for my F250. My buddy uses mine all the time now. I tell everyone that asks (that don't see the website on the side of them) where I got them. I load my polaris 800 and my buddys 550 and a 250 quads with them and they are nice and sturdy. They were well worth the investment.”

Art from Connecticut

“They're sturdier than what I had from Home Depot and Lowes. Built to last.”

Bob from Texas

“I am impressed with the quality and feel about as confident as you can driving a quad into the back of a pickup! Thank you for a great product that's made in the USA. I hope you make them for a long time and prosper.”

Kenny from Idaho

“They work great. The weight is very manageable and the angled sides make for a confident load and unload. I would certainly recommend them to others and congrats on a great product.”

Mark from Nevada

“I am very happy with the ramps, and would recommend them to others.”

Bob from New Jersey

"Ordered a set of 11' ramps from Longramps on a Tuesday, and they were on my doorstep on Thursday! Very heavy duty, well built. Going to load up the 4-wheeler and go! Very good company, recommend them highly!

CJ from North Carolina

"Great heavy duty American made ramps. Would definitely purchase again. Makes loading super easy."