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Why Choose Longer ATV Loading Ramps?

June 05, 2017

Why Choose Longer ATV Loading Ramps?

Nothing’s more fun than getting outside with your ATV or UTV--the rush of bounding over hills, the thrill of climbing the seemingly-impossible, the freedom of open trails. But few things are more daunting than loading and unloading that 500+ pound machine onto a truck, especially a lifted one.

A longer loading ramp can make that scary task part of the fun (or at least a little safer and easier!). Here are 6 reasons why LongRamps are the better option for loading your ATV or side-by-side.

1. Low Incline = Safer Ascent

Most loading ramps are just 6 or 7 feet long. Our base length is 8 feet and longest ramp is 11 feet, giving you up to five feet more for better visibility and a slower, safer ascent regardless of how high tall your truck is.

The longer ATV ramps allow you to see better as you approach the ramp, helping to ensure your tires are in the right position as you drive up the ramp. The extended length and lower incline also mean that you can drive slower in the right gear, limiting the risk of doing a wheelie or crashing through the back window.

Long ramps are also great for golf carts. Since golf carts typically have a lower ground clearance, a longer ramp can reduce the risk of bottoming out.

2. Easy to Use & Take With You

LongRamps are lightweight and portable. At just 29 pounds for the 8 foot ramp or 36 pounds for the 11 foot, LongRamps can be carried and set up easily by most adults. When folded, the maximum dimensions are just 73.5" x 15" x 7.5" and when stacked, the max dimensions are 73.5" x 15" x 13", making it simple to slide them into the bed of your truck or tuck them away in your garage when you don’t need them.

3. Durable, Heavy Duty Material

Our long loading ramps are made of heavy-duty 6061 aluminum, meaning they can easily support the weight of 500+ pound ATVs, won’t rust like other metals, won’t rot like wood and won’t snap due to rust, rot or other corroding effects.

4. Side Walls to Prevent Driving Off

Our ramps have 3 inch side walls, aligning your wheels in the center of the ramp and helping to guide them up. This safety feature means you can focus on driving, not whether your wheels will stay on the ramp.

5. Kick Stops to Prevent Sliding

Our ramps have rubber-coated kick stops that rest against the bed of your truck, helping to ensure that the ramp doesn’t slide forward while you’re loading or unloading your ATV. However, we always, always recommend you use tie-down ratchet or cam buckle straps to avoid ramp kickout.

6. Made in America

Each LongRamps product is designed and built in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, a cozy town of about 3,000 people located in the center of the state. And our aluminum is sourced from  Extrudex Aluminum in North Jackson, Ohio. We are 100% American made, proud of it!

Regardless of whether you have a stock height truck or bigger rig, long ramps are the safer way to load your ATV, UTV or golf cart, and ensure there’s no damper on your fun!

Still have questions about LongRamps? Check out our FAQ or Contact Us . Our friendly folks in Philipsburg are happy to help!

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