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Motorcycle Ramps for Trucks

Motorcycle Ramps for Trucks

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Made in the U.S.A! Longramps are the top quality Motorcycle Ramps for Trucks on the market. They come with a three year warranty and offer peace of mind while loading your ride. Whether you only need 1 ramp to get your dirt bike, or motorcycle loaded, or you need one more for that trike, LongRamps has you covered. You spend your hard earned money to enjoy the things you have, don't take the chance of hurting yourself or your equipment. You can load with confidence knowing that LongRamps are here to support you on your next adventure.

                   Features    8' Ramps    9.5' Ramps    11' Ramps
1,250 lb weight capacity         Yes            Yes          Yes
3 inch side walls         Yes            Yes          Yes
Kick Stops         Yes            Yes          Yes
Made in U.S.A         Yes            Yes          Yes
Standard Size Truck         Yes            Yes          Yes
Trucks Lifted up to 4"             Yes          Yes
Trucks lifted above 4"              Yes

Strength: Supports up to 1,250 lbs per ramp


   8' - 94.5" L × 15" W / Folds to 53.5" L × 15" W × 7.5" H

9.5' - 114" L × 15" W / Folds to 64" L × 15" W × 7.5" H

 11' - 133" L × 15" W / Folds to 73.5" L × 15" W × 7.5" H


   8' X 3" - 40 lb per ramp

   8' X 7" - 38 lb per ramp

9.5' X 3" - 49 lb per ramp

9.5' X 7" - 44 lb per ramp

11' X 3" - 57 lb per ramp

11' X 7" - 48 lb per ramp

Rung Spacing: 3" or 7"

Shipping: Shipping is Easy! Our Motorcycle Ramps for Trucks ship from Pennsylvania via UPS Ground. Ramps are in Stock and ship out approximately 3-4 business days from receipt of order. Shipping in the U.S. is Free. Shipping to Canada—which does not include brokerage or taxes—is $150 to Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC or $100 to all provinces from Manitoba eastward to New Brunswick.

(holidays may effect ship times, please email with any shipping questions)

Be Safe: As with all loading ramps, we recommend to ALWAYS use tie-down ratchet or cam buckle straps to avoid ramp kickout. Ramps by do not come with straps.

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