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How to Keep Your Golf Cart in Peak Condition This Summer

July 05, 2017

How to Keep Your Golf Cart in Peak Condition This Summer

Summer is here, which means golf season is in full swing! Whether you have a membership to your favorite course or you like to travel to golf, you will definitely save money by investing in your own golf cart. It is also common to use a golf cart as transportation around neighborhoods and businesses. If you ever visit Catalina Island, off the coast of California, you'll notice the hundreds of golf carts across the entire island. Not a bad way to get around!

When you own your own golf cart, you want to keep it in peak condition for better optimal performance throughout the summer, and to make your investment lasts as long as possible. Start by consulting the owner’s manual for your cart for any specific maintenance or safety precautions, and then follow these eight tips for golf cart upkeep:

 1.  Charge Your Batteries

Always charge your golf cart after every use. It is best to keep the batteries fully charged before the next use.

2.  Fill Battery Cells, But Not Too Much

Check water levels every one to three months depending on use, and make sure the lead plates are completely submerged. If you need to refill the battery cells, only do so AFTER you've charged the cart. Then add distilled water (not tap water) to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the plates. According to Golf Cart Garage , "with one quarter inch of water you’ll have to check your batteries more often, but at one half inch you’ll likely have more acid accumulation on the tops of the batteries."

 3.  Clean The Batteries

Check the batteries for corrosion, dirt, grass, and properly-tightened connections. You can clean the batteries with an even solution of water and baking soda, which will help make the cleanest connection when charging your golf cart.

 4.  Keep The Tires Filled

You'll want to check the air pressure on your golf cart tires every month. This will help prevent uneven wear on your tires to make them last longer.

 5.  Check The Brakes

According to VIP Golf Cart Service , you should check your brakes once a year. "This involves checking, cleaning and adjusting of the pads, drums, cables and pedal."

 6.  Keep An Eye Out For Oil Leaks

Check the rear differential at the back of your golf cart for excessive oil or dirt on the outside. If you notice an excess of either, you may have an oil leak that needs repairing before further damage occurs.

 7.  Have Your Golf Cart Serviced Once A Year

You can save a lot of money by performing maintenance on your golf cart alone, but it is useful to have a professional check your golf cart to make sure no internal damage has occurred. Get your golf cart serviced to have your steering, suspension, and battery checked by a professional to make sure everything's in working order.

8.  Proper Loading for Transportation

If you’re transporting your golf cart in a truck bed, it’s important to have the right equipment to make loading and unloading safe and secure. Long golf cart ramps allow you to approach at a safe angle and reduce the risk of flipping, side walls help guide the cart up the ramp and reduce driving off the side, and ratchet straps help avoid ramp kickout which can send you, your golf cart and the ramps crashing to the ground. With the right sized ramp, your golf cart will make it on and off the truck in one piece.

Properly maintaining your golf cart will help to ensure it’s in prime condition for years to come.

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