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Winter Storage Tips for Your ATV or UTV

October 11, 2017

Winter Storage Tips for Your ATV or UTV

All-terrain vehicles and utility-terrain vehicles are built to be tough, but bone-chilling temperatures can still have an effect if you haven’t fully prepared your vehicle for the winter cold. Read on to find out how to ensure your ATV or UTV is fully ready to weather the winter.

1. Drain the fuel and add a stabilizer

If you have a gas plastic tank, drain all of the fuel out of your ATV or UTV, including the tank, fuel lines and carburetor. If you have a metal tank, fill the tank up full and add a stabilizer. Metal tends to rust in humid areas, and the stabilizer will mitigate moisture in the gas tank. This helps you avoid the negative side effects of water freezing then thawing inside your gas tank.

2. Inflate the tires

No tire maintains perfect pressure over many months even at rest, so having your tires fully inflated before the winter begins will ensure that they are still in an acceptable range by winter’s end. You’ll still need to reinflate to full pressure before riding the vehicle again, but you’ll at least reduce risks of damaging the tires if they become fully flat.

3. Clean the vehicle

No one wants to get into their vehicle after a long winter and find that dirt and debris have been there all this time. Thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle ensures that build-up does not occur and keeps your vehicle ready to go at the first sign of spring.

4. Change the oil and the air filter

The air filter and oil are often quite spent by Autumn after long days of use in the particulate-filled air of summer. Plan to change them both before the weather turns chilly.

5. Cover the vehicle

Choose breathable fabrics that allow moisture to escape if any gets inside so that your vehicle is not susceptible to rust.

6. Consider a trickle charger to save battery life

Trickle chargers keep your battery from quickly losing charge and going dead on those cold days, and are worth the investment if you are in an area that gets sustained intense cold.

7. Choose a good storage location

Finding a dry location like a garage or shed will keep your ATV or UTV protected from much of the harsh effects of snow and cold. It is even better, according to MotoSport , if you can avoid sunlight that might reach plastic components or land on the tires themselves. Additionally, use blocks or a lift to keep the ATV or UTV off the ground to protect the tires and suspension.

With these tips, your ATV/UTV will be safely stored for the winter months. Need to move your ATV/UTV to a good winter storage location? Find the ideal long loading ramps to help transport your vehicle to storage and easily bring it back for spring and summer adventures!

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