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9 Ways to Keep Your ATV or UTV In Peak Condition

August 30, 2017

9 Ways to Keep Your ATV or UTV In Peak Condition

ATVs and UTVs can not only be fun recreational vehicles, they can also be vital tools to anyone who works outdoors. From lawn care to finding the right camp site, there isn't much that an ATV or UTV can't do. So, it only makes sense that you keep your vehicle in top condition to ensure that your work time, and your play time, don't slow down.

Following are nine ways to keep your ATV or UTV in peak condition:

1. Check Your Oil Before Every Ride

This is a more common one that people forget about (or simply neglect), but it’s a very important step in ATV and UTV maintenance. Checking your oil regularly will make sure that you are not putting extra strain on your motor. It may seem like a tedious chore, but it can become very costly if you aren't checking your oil levels before every ride, as it can cause your engine to be improperly lubricated, and in turn, it could lock up.

2. Check Tire Tread and Pressure

Being able to grip the rough terrain is one the things that makes your off-road vehicle so useful. Having poorly inflated tires or worn-out tread can hinder your ATV or UTV’s ability to climb steep ground with added stability, making it extremely dangerous for you and your passengers.

3. Use the Best Fuel

ATVs and UTvs work best with a high-octane, high-quality fuel. It may cost a little bit more than other fuel, but this way you will be able to keep your engine in peak condition, which will save you money in the long run.

4. Change the Spark Plugs

Certain things, such as bad gas, can cause wear on your spark plugs. Worn out spark plugs can reduce the amount of power going to your ATV or UTV’s engine. Changing the spark plugs is relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to do, and will help ensure that your vehicle runs in top condition. It’s generally recommended to replace your spark plugs after 100 hours of use , assuming your engine is working properly.

5. Check Your Electrical Wiring

If you see any cracks, wear and tear, or exposed wires, it is vital to your vehicle to a trusted ATV/UTV services department as soon as possible. Cracks and damaged electrical wires can cause extensive harm to important components of your ATV or UTV.

6. Check the Coolant Often

Coolant helps to keep the seals cooled and lubricated, which helps to extend your engine's life. Your ATV or UTV can run a while on the same coolant, but having your engine exposed to dirt and debris can diminish the coolant levels, so it is a good idea to check the levels often.

7. Make Sure Your Radiator Cap is in Good Condition

The radiator cap is what controls the coolant in your ATV or UTV. The cap allows the radiator to pull in more fluid when it needs it. Having cracks or breaks in your radiator cap interferes with its ability to regulate the pressure, making it hard, if not impossible, to have a good flow of coolant to your engine.

8. Service Your Driveline

Whether your ATV or UTV is chain-driven or belt-driven, it's a good idea to get it checked regularly. If you don't want to take it in to get checked, then you can check the tension yourself after every few uses.

9. Proper Loading for Transportation

If you’re transporting your ATV or UTV in a truck bed, it’s important to have the right equipment to make loading and unloading safe and secure. Long loading ramps allow you to approach at a safe angle and reduce the risk of flipping, side walls help guide the cart up the ramp and reduce driving off the side, and ratchet straps help avoid ramp kickout which can send you, your ATV and the ramps crashing to the ground. With the right sized ramp, your ATV or UTV will make it on and off the truck in one piece.

Using these tips will help to keep your ATV or UTV in peak condition. Most of these are easy to do yourself. They may seem time-consuming at first, but spending a little bit of your time now will mean that you won't have to spend a lot of your money later.

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